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Home remedies for Cardiovascular system

Magical drops of garlic

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This remedy was found by an UNESCO expedition to Tibet in 1971. Discovered in an old Tibetan monastery and originally written on a clay tablet, this natural cure carved its way to western society and became a subject of medical researchers. Archeological sources suggest that it dates back to 3000 BC. This remedy can reduce body fat percentage, increase metabolism and blood vessel elasticity, act as prevention against cardiac arrest, sclerosis, stenocardia, apoplexy and cancer. It can increase vision and help in cases of tinnitus. It rejuvenates the whole body and strengthen Immune System.
· 350 grams (12.34 oz) of Garlic
· 300 grams (10.58 oz) of 96% alcohol
· 50 grams (1.76 oz) of milk
Peel and chop garlic cloves using a plastic knife, then crush it with mortar and pestile (wooden or clay). Put the crushed garlic into a screwtop jar filled with 96% alcohol, close it and store it in a cool, dark place for ten days. After ten days, strain it through a thick cloth, and store it again.
Consumption: After two to three days, you can start the therapy by taking the drops of mixture with 50 grams of milk according to the following scheme:

    Days  Number of drops


 Number of drops


 Number of drops


    1th day                                         2                    
    2nd day                     4                       5                    
     3nd day                     7                                          
    4th day                   10                     11                    12
     5th day                   13                     14                    15
    6th day                   15                     14                    13
    7th day                   12                    11                   10
    8th day                    9                                          7
    9th day                    6                      5                     4
  10th day                    3                      2                     1
  11th day                   25                     25                    25

Continue using 25 drops until you finish with the prepared mixture. It is advisable to repeat the therapy after five years.