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Couch Grass – Elytrigia repens

Elytrigia repens

Couch GrassCouch Grass

Common name: Couch Grass
Latin name: Elytrigia repens> Agropyron repens, Elymus repens, Triticum repens
Other names: Dog Grass, Quack Grass, Quick Grass, Quitch Grass, Twitch, Witchgrass
Family: Poaceae
Habitat: Couch Grass is native to North America, tropical Africa and Australia. It can grow on a wide range of soils – from sandy to heavy clay soils. It can be found on stream sides and roadside drains, as well as dry sites.
Description: Couch Grass is a creeping or erect mat-forming grass. It is a perennial plant with smooth, hollow stems produced on a long, creeping rhizome. Flowering occurs from July to September. Flowers are green,
Parts used: Rhizome, root, seeds.
Useful components: Polysaccharides, mucilage, volatile oil.
Medicinal use: Couch Grass root had traditionally been used in cases of urinary tract and liver disorders, and as a spring tonic and blood purifier. Nowadays it is recognized mainly due to its demulcent and diuretic properties. It can be helpful in treatment of different sorts of urinary and liver disorders, in cases of urinary infections and irritations (cystitis, urethritis and prostatitis). It can relieve enlarged prostate, regulate prostate inflammation and soothe peptic ulcers.
Safety: Some herbs could react with certain medication. Therefore it is advisable to contact your doctor/herbalist before consumption of any herb

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