Kidney Vetch – Anthyllis vulneraria

Anthyllis vulneraria

Kidney VetchKidney Vetch

Common name: Kidney Vetch
Latin name: Anthyllis vulneraria
Other names: Common Kidneyvetch, Woundworth
Family: Fabaceae
Habitat: Dry, moist and calcareous soils. Native to Europe, South and East to the Caucasus and North Africa
Description: Perennial plant, grows to 0, 6 meters. Flowers from June to September. Flowers are furrowed, orange to scarlet red in color.
Parts used: Roots, leaves, flowers. Herb can be used fresh during its growing season, or dried flowers during flowering period.
Medicinal use: As the name suggests, (voulneraria means wound healer) the plant was traditionally used to promote wound healing. It helps the process of skin regeneration, acts as a remedy for skin eruptions, slow healing wounds, cuts and bruises. Used internally, Kidney Vetch has a laxative effect, helping in cases of constipation.
Safety: Some herbs could react with certain medication. Therefore, it is advisable to consult your doctor before consumption of any herb.

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