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Lady’s Bedstraw – Galium verum

Galium verum

Common name: Lady’s Bedstraw
Latin name: Galium verum
Other names: Cheese Rennet, Hedge Bedstraw, Yellow Bedstraw, Maid’s-hair
Family: Rubiaceae
Habitat: The plant is native to Europe and western Asia.
Description: Lady’s Bedstraw is herbaceous, perennial plant, growing up to 1 meter tall. Leaves are rough-surfaced, about 1 to 3 cm long, borne in whorls of four to twelve around the stem nodes. Small yellow flowers are produced in dense clusters. Flowering occurs from June to August.
Parts used: Leaves and flowers.
Useful components: Alkanes, anthraquinones, ridoids, flavonoids.
Medicinal use: The plant is chiefly used as a diuretic and in treatment of skin conditions. Lady’s Bedstraw is considered to be very useful in treatment of bladder and kidney stones, cystitis. Lady’s Bedstraw tea clears  the liver, kidney, pancreas and spleen of toxic wastes. It is also beneficial for anemia and dropsy. Externally, Lady’s Bedstraw is used in case of psoriasis, and other skin disorders, wounds, boils and blackheads.  It is also recommended as a remedy for epilepsy.
Safety: Some herbs could react with certain medication. Therefore, it is advisable to consult your doctor before consumption of any herb.

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