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Rustyback – Ceterach officinarum

Ceterach officinarum


Common name: Rustyback
Latin name: Ceterach officinarum, Asplenium ceterach
Other names: Stone Fern, Spleenwort
Family: Aspleniaceae
Habitat: Rustyback is native to Western, Central Europe and the Mediterranean region. It grows on limestone rocks and mortared walls.
Description: Rustyback is a perennial, evergreen fern. It has a short and erect, branching rhizome, with several green fronds, up to 15 cm high. Fronds have a pinnated lamina and orange-brown trichomes on the lower surface. The plant is poikilohydric – it rolls up during drought, showing the scales, and revives again after the rain.
Parts used: Whole plant.
Medicinal use: Rustybacks considered to have antitussive and diuretic propreties. It was traditionaly used in Mediterranean in treatments of gravel in the urine and bronchial disorders. Infusion made from Rustyback is very beneficial for people suffering from dysuria when oxalic acid is present. It can also help prevent colic in cases of existing kidney stones. Rustyback syrup is used in treatments of lung infections.
Safety: Some herbs could react with certain medication. Therefore it is advisable to contact your doctor/herbalist before consumption of any herb.

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