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Home remedies for skin, wounds and injuries

Healing oil for wounds and hemorrhoids

This is one of the best remedies for both internal and external hemorrhoids and wounds.
· St John’s Wort leaves, flowers and stem
· Centaury leaves, flowers and stem
· Olive oil
Take one 2-liter glass bottle. Place both Centaury and St. John’s Wort leaves and flowers, until they reach 8 cm above the bottom. Now put the stems inside. Pour olive oil until it covers the herbs. Close the bottle with a cork and store it in a warm, sunny location (on a sunny windowsill) for a year. After a year, take the infusion, and strain it. The preparation of this infusion requires patience, but its results are excellent.
However, if you would like to speed up the process, you can make a hot infusion.  Take 1 liter glass bottle, pre-heat it and repeat the process of preparation: place the leaves, flowers and stems, but now pour heated olive oil (60-70°C or 140-158°F). Close it with a cork and store it in a sunny location for ten days (it is necessary that the infusion catches at least 2 days of sun). Take the amount you need, and leave the rest to infuse. The more it stands, the better and more efficient the infusion.
   · Apply the infusion to the inside of gauze, and bandage the wound. Replace the gauze once a day, until the wound completely heals. The results are visible the day after the first therapy.
· For external hemorrhoids, put the oil directly on hemorrhoids, after a bath with PH neutral soap.
· For internal hemorrhoids, soak a cotton ball or a tampon in the infusion, and use it to reach the inside of you rectum. After a few minutes, pull out the cotton ball. Repeat the process every day after your morning hygiene until the hemorrhoids heal completely.