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Speedwell – Veronica officinalis

Veronica officinalis

Common SpeedwellCommon Speedwell

Common name: Speedwell
Latin name: Veronica officinalis
Other names: Common Speedwell, Gypsyweed, Gipsyweed
Family: Scrophulariaceae, Figwort family
Description: Speedwell’s leaves are simple, spiral shaped. Flowering occurs during early summer, from May to July. Flowers are blue, light lilac and irregular. Seeds are formed in september.
Natural habitat: Dump soils and forests up to an altitude of 1000 meters
History: Ancient Romans discovered Veronica during their conquest on Northern Europe, and named the plant „the world medicine”.
Parts used: The plant during its blooming period (veronicae herba).
Active compounds: Wax, organic acids, etheric oil, sugar, mannitol, tannin.
Medicinal use: Eases digestion and helps bowel movement, increases memory, reduces vertigo and has a calming effect. It has even shown to be very helpful in treatment of depression.
Safety: Some herbs could react with certain medication. Therefore, it is advisable to consult your doctor before consumption of any herb.

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