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Sweet Woodruff – Asperula odorata

Asperula odorata

Sweet WoodruffSweet Woodruff

Common name: Sweet Woodruff
Latin name: Asperula odorata, Galium odorata
Other names: Woodruff, Woodward, Master of the Woods, Sweet Grass, Wild Baby’s breath.
Family: Rubiaceae
Habitat: The plant is native to Europe, North Africa and western Asia. The plant prefers partial shade and damp soils.
Description: Sweet Woodruff is a perennial, herbaceous plant. It grows up to 50 cm in height. It has small and simple, lanceolate and glabrous leaves. Flowers are white, four-petaled, produced in cymes.  Fruits are also small, green with tiny bristles.
Parts used: Aerial parts
Useful components: Anthraquinones, coumarins, flavonoids, iridoids and tannins.
Medicinal use: Sweet Woodruff is considered to be anti-inflammatory, antiarthritic, diuretic, tonic and laxative. Fresh leaves are applied topically in cases of cuts and wounds. A decoction made from the leaves eases digestion, and the tea is used in treatment of liver disorders. Sweet Woodruff is also considered effective in treatment of varicose veins and phlebitis.
Safety: Some herbs could interact with certain medications. Therefore, it is advisable to consult your doctor before consumption of any herb.

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