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Wild Pear – Pyrus pyraster

Pyrus pyraster

Wild PearWild Pear

Common name: Wild Pear
Latin name: Pyrus pyraster
Family: Rosaceae
Habitat: The plant is native to central, western and southern Europe. It grows on thickets and open woods.
Description: Decidious tree. Trees can reach heights of 22 m. it has rough bark, pendulous boughs and spinous branches. Branches spring from the main stem in an ascending manner. Leaves are alternate and usually heart-shaped near the base.  Flowers are grouped in flat-topped clusters. Fruit is a juicy yellow to green fruit, with a rounded shape which becomes narrower towards the stalk.
Parts used: Fruit, bark, root.
Medicinal use: An infusion of the bark is used to treat intestinal ulcers, nausea and palpitations. A decoction is used for hemorrhoids, intestinal upsets and diarrhea and to hasten the onset of labour. A colic remedy is made from the root. The boiled juice of wild pear is beneficial for diabetes.
Safety: Some herbs could react with certain medication. Therefore, it is advisable to consult your doctor before consumption of any herb.

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