Home remedies for Immune System

Immune booster

This is an ancient remedy used as an immune booster in the mountain areas of Balkans.  It was prepared in autumn and used during cold winter days as a remedy, but also as prevention against common cold and flu. This herbal tea is very aromatic, refreshing and rich in Vitamin C.
· 300 grams (10.58 oz) of Juniper
· 5 kilograms (176.37 oz) of Pear fruit
· 300 grams (10.58 oz) of Dog Rose
· 20 liters of water
Wash the pear fruits, take off the petioles and put them in a large wooden container. Add Dog Rose wrapped in several layers of gauze, and then Juniper. Pour 20 liters of water over them, close the container and keep it in the room temperature. After 35-40 days, take the amount you need during the day, strain it and drink it sweetened with honey. You can drink 1 to 2 cups of the prepared drink per day.


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