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Home remedies for Mental health


Remedy for stress and anxiety

The questions such as “how to deal with stress”, “how to relieve and reduce stress”, “what are the ways of successfull stress management”, have really become one of the most frequently asked questions. We cope with stress on a daily basis: on our way to work, at our work, in our relationships with people, even the closest ones. Stress can be our stimulator, but it can also lead to more serious conditions, if we do not master the art of stress management. There are different methods, some of them are based on traditional eastern techniques (such as meditation, yoga and tai chi), some are more oriented towards modern medicine. Our reccomendation is to always follow the natural paths. The following herbal mixtures can play an important part in your stress relief method.
· ½ cup of Valerian
· 1 cup of Chamomile
· 1 cup of Lemon Balm
· ¼ cup of Mint
· 1 cup of water
Place all the ingredients in a screw-toped jar, mix them well, shaking the jar. Take two tablespoons of mixture, and store the rest for a later use. Bring water to a boil, remove from heat and add the herbal mixture. Let it steep of about 5 minutes. Strain it and drink the tea while it’s hot.

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